How to reduce your energy bills?

We have a nice new home that is well insulated, however we still have energy issues. As our first winter in our new home is almost over, we have discovered 3 key concerns about modern house building techniques. Our concerns are moisture, heating and cooling - taking into consideration that we only have underfloor heating and no air heat pump to cool the home down. 

Basically because the home is so well insulated the moisture builds up; secondly the home is positioned so well for the sun that it gets very warm; and lastly its very tempting to crank up the heated floor at the peril of the resulting power costs. 

Many of the homes around us that I've visited have different issues, they have downlights that have holes in them so that in the summer they get a lot of heat gain, which has their heat pump working over time to keep up - these holes in winter obviously allow hot house air from log burners or heat pumps to escape up into the cool roof cavity. 


  1. Turn off the lights when you are not using them.
  2. Adjust the energy settings on your computers and devices when not using them.
  3. Rather than using the oven use a toaster or sandwich press to cook smaller items.
  4. only run your dishwasher when its full of dishes, as the water is heated by an element not from your hot water. 
  5. When washing clothing if possible do cold washes.


Have downlights change them to the modern alternative.

  1. On cold nights, check your downlights, turn them off to see if there is a draft coming through the gaps in the fittings.
  2. Carefully climb into the manhole and have a look at how much insulation you have, and if this is clearly away from your downlights to reduce fire risk.
  3. Call your local expert on 0800 34 35 36 and ask if they can visit you and help save you money on your lighting.
  4. did you know that lighting energy globally relates to between 11-19% of your total power bills.