Common Questions

Why can't I buy your products in a retail store?

Every home is different and every homeowners lighting usage and needs are different. Our service is based on personalised assessments and tailor made solutions - just to suit you and your situation. We hear of many instances where homeowners have purchased lighting from a retail store only to be disappointed once they have had them installed. We are so confident that you will be thrilled with your led upgrade that we offer a offer a 30 Day Performance Satisfaction Guarantee*.

How much will it cost?

Firstly, the Assessment Service is FREE. Our objective is to offer you a solution that is cost neutral. Our LEDs can save you so much on your power bills that the savings (in most cases) are enough to cover the cost of your new LEDs on a month by month basis. As we like to say, "it's cheaper to change than to do nothing!".

But I can buy cheaper....

Sadly, to the unsuspecting consumer, all LEDs look the same and claim to have similar benefits. Unlike the traditional bulbs we are used to, LEDs are a piece of electronic equipment and far more complex than a light bulb. Unfortunately, the lifetime and performance of a cheap LED will only become prevalent at some point in the future.

When choosing an LED use the warranty or guarantee as a guide to the quality of the product. Manufacturers will not offer extensive warranties unless they are confident in the quality and testing of their products. Our product warranties range from 5 to 10 years* when purchased in home.