ECO1 Smart Camera



The ECO1 Smart Control IP Camera is the perfect device for monitoring the home or workplace 

Controlled through the ECO1 Smart Control App, the Camera is packed with features aimed at bringing a sense of security and comfort. 

The camera can pan 330° from sided to side and tilt 120° up and down meaning you can get a full range of view of the area you are monitoring. 

The inbuilt night vision means that you are not limited to day light hours and can still view when it is dark. 

The camera has a two-way speaking feature built into it, enabling you to listen and speak through the device. 

Full time recording functionality with an SD card installed into the camera allowing you to set up full time surveillance while going on holiday or just when you are away from the house. 

Alarm video mode will turn the cameras sensor feature on, making 10 second recordings to the SD card when ever the camera detects movement. 

The huge range of features that this camera has to offer makes it a must have for any one who wishes to keep an eye on their possessions and have peace of mind when they are away from the home or office.