ECO1 Smart Control by LED Zero

ECO1 Smart Control Lighting was founded in 2010 in the area of LED lighting. Over several years of development they have grown into a company with a solid foundation in the LED market.

It quickly became apparent that smart lighting and smart products would soon dominate the market.

ECO1 started their own research and development to design and manufacturer a range of smart lighting and smart products, today the company has grown to 100 employees in the production of lighting and smart products and distributes across number of countries across the world.

In 2018 LED Zero became the exclusive distributor for ECO1 in New Zealand.

"Following over 6 years of success in Australia, we felt that ECO1 would be a great system to bring to New Zealand homes. Suitable for both existing and new homes, ECO1 fits well with the LED Zero model" said LED Zero Executive Director -Lawrence Grant 

Now joining 7 other countries across the world, LED Zero is able to offer homeowners access to a fully integrated wireless Smart Lighting & Automation System that is available at around 1/10th the cost of a traditional wired system.

LED Zero have worked closely with ECO1 to modify the designs of the ECO1 range to ensure they meet stringent New Zealand standards as well as suit New Zealand homes.

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