ECO1 Smart Downlight & Remote



The ECO1 Smart Downlight does it all

The range of features offers full versatility for any environment and enables you to have complete control of your lighting requirements for whatever the situation. 

An ultra-smooth dimming range from 2% - 100% means that the optimal lighting level can be set at any time without the need to install expensive dimmer switches as this functionality is already built in to the device.  This coupled with the equally smooth variable colour change feature (3000K – 6000K or anywhere in between), means that – whatever the mood, you can easily adjust the rooms lighting to suit your needs.  This eliminates the decision-making process when deciding upon colour temperature for the space you are lighting. 


The inbuilt ‘night mode’ feature means that at the press of a button, the selected lights will drop down to only 1 Watt, providing a ‘night light’ level of luminance which can be of benefit in a number of scenarios. 

What makes the ECO1 smart downlight truly unique is the various methods of control.  All of the functionality is made possible by way of the sleek hand-held remote control, capable of controlling four different zones per remote, and independently adjusting the light settings either per zone, or as a master for all four zones simultaneously.  The remote comes with a bracket which is generally attached discretely beside the main light switch in the room. 

When the ECO1 smart downlight is used in conjunction with the ECO1 Gateway, all of the above becomes possible through your smart phone or tablet by way of the ECO1 Smart Control App.  You can now control your lighting from where ever you are in the world as long as you have an internet connection.  Set scenes, timers, magic location settings and a whole lot more to give you a fully automated and state of the art lighting system that the whole family can enjoy.