ECO1 Smart Gateway


ECO1 Internet Gateway - opens up control of your home from anywhere in the world 

The ECO1 gateway is your portal into everything that the ECO1 Smart Home system has to offer.  

Control your lighting, heat pump, television, stereo,  surveillance cameras, intercom, smart sockets, PIR sensors, door locks, strip lighting and more all through one simple to use APP. 

The ECO1 Smart Control APP is available on both Android and Apple, is simple to set up, and even more simple to use. 

Multiple devices can be assigned to the same account meaning that everyone in the household has the ability to take advantage of the amazing features. 

The scene creation feature enables you to pre-program an unlimited number of varying scenes, which can comprise of multiple ECO1 devices. 

Scenes can be triggered at the touch of a button or by using a large range of magic settings, from location (meaning a scene will be triggered when you are within a certain proximity of your home) to scene timers which can have your lights, heat pump etc coming on and off at pre-programmed times on any day of the week. 

With such a large number of combinations possible through the ECO1 APP, the possibilities are endless and all controlled from anywhere around the world*.


*an active internet connection is required