ECO1 Smart IR Controller



Control all your remote control devices from your smart phone

The ECO1 Smart Infrared remote can be programmed and used to control any device in your home that is controlled by an infrared remote through the ECO1 APP. 

Control your heat pump, TV’s, sound systems, Blu-ray player, air conditioner, in fact any product that has an IR remote control can be programmed into the Smart control system consolidating all your remote controls into your mobile phone or tablet. 

The 360° technology means that you do not need to point the IR remote at the device that you want to control, it just needs to be in line of sight. 

The existing remote control can either be manually programmed to the APP, or there is a scan feature which will attempt to discover the settings based on devices that have already been taught to the APP. 

Once the various devices are programmed into the APP, you can then use a range of magic settings to control your devices handsfree.  Or create an unlimited number of different scenes in conjunction with your other smart products and take full advantage of your Smart homes functionality.





Product   Code Input Voltage Wireless Type Radio Frequency
IR-100 5VDC IEEE 802.11 2.4GHz