ECO1 Smart Socket


Control any appliance from anywhere in the world!

The ECO1 Smart Socket is a device that can be plugged into a standard power outlet and can then control any electrical device that is attached to it through the ECO1 Smart Control App. 

From the ability to simply turn devices on and off, through to the multiple timer options, the Smart Socket adds a huge amount of convenience and added functionality to everyday items around the house. 

Setting up pool pumps on the timer function, turn lamps on and off at pre-set times for security when you are away, easily isolate standby power on TV’s, sound systems and many other applications all through the easy to use app. 

You can also monitor the power consumption of the device through your mobile device. 

The Smart Socket has the ability to control any electrical device or appliance locally or from anywhere in the world through the ECO1 Smart Control APP.