Ecobulb Dimmable Self Install Downlight



Homeowners can now upgrade their old incandescent downlights to LED without the expense of an Electrician. These self Install Downlights replace existing bulbs and seal the air gap in the downlight housing.

Colour: Warm white light, 3000K 

Light output: 1000 Lumens
Average Lifetime: 30,000Hrs
Warranty: 3 years

Product Information

  • Seals downlight ceiling draughts
  • Replaces up to 100W incandescent cfl, globe and reflector bulbs
  • Uses up to 90% less electricity
  • Lasts up to 27 times longer (30,000 hours at the average usage) than the old bulbs it replaces
  • Gives instant full light output that is comparable to the old bulbs it replaces
  • Operates much cooler than the old bulbs it replaces
  • Comes with a three year extended warranty
  • Dimmable