General Questions

How much energy will LED Zero Light Bulbs and Downlights save us?

There are two sets of calculations, the first is purely the difference in wasted electricity from the 35-100 watts of your current incandescent and halogen bulbs to the replacement LEDs of 4-15 watts.

The second calculation that may be taken into effect if you have incandescent downlights, is based on how much energy is wasted from room heating and cooling being lost into your ceiling space - through gaps in your old downlight fittings.

Will LED Zero Bulbs and Downlights make my home safer?

The LED Zero Downlights operate at a much lower temperature than the light bulbs in the existing downlights, and therefore remove the fire risk due to the high temperatures of the existing light bulbs. Because they last so long, they also remove the hazard that comes from changing existing light bulbs that fail more often.

Can LED Zero Downlights be covered with insulation?

Yes, because LED Zero Downlights are IC-4 rated to allow them to be covered with insulation.

If I put LED light bulbs in my old downlight fittings can I insulate over them?

No, because they are most likely NOT IC-F or IC-4 rated and they should not be covered with insulation.

Won't I get the same benefit if I put energy saver light bulbs in place of incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs in my downlights?

No. While you will reduce the lighting electricity costs from installing energy saving light bulbs in your existing downlights, you are still stuck with the wasted heating and lighting costs because the large air gaps and insulation holes around the bulbs and the downlights remain. For traditional downlights, these air gaps are needed around the bulbs to cool them down, while the insulation holes are required to prevent potential fires from contact between the insulation and the hot light bulbs.


Installation & Setup

How long does it usually take for an installer to install LED downlights?

After your payment is confirmed and your lights and downlights are delivered, normally an installer will be in contact with you within 7 - 10 days.

How are LED Zero Downlights installed?

Once your install has been booked, the installer may take 5-20mins to install each downlight or bulb depending on the complexity of the job. The installer/electrician will remove the existing downlights from your ceiling. They will then install the LED Zero downlights in the holes that your existing downlights were removed from. If you have insulation available, they can also cover the downlights with insulation.

Will I need an electrician to install LED Zero Downlights?

Yes, to ensure a safe and correct installation we recommend that all lights are installed by one of our Qualified Installers.

How much will it cost to use an electrician to install downlights?

This will depend on how much the electrician charges. An electrician can typically install 3 - 5 downlights an hour.

When you purchase from an in-home assessment our lighting consultants can offer you a Platinum Package solution that includes installation and infill insulation. 

Will LED Zero Downlights fit into my exisiting downlight holes?

Yes, they will most likely fit in standard existing downlight holes of 90mm diameter or greater. If your hole size is smaller, the electrician is able to increase the ceiling hole size for the downlight to fit. If the hole is bigger, our downlights come with a flange plate that covers standard size downlight holes. 


Support & Help

What do I do if there is a problem with with the LEDs?

You contact LED Zero for assistance. You can do this by sending us an email support@ledzero.co.nz or by phoning us on 0800 34 35 36 - one of our team will be assigned to answer and help resolve any issues.