New Builds

If you are building a new home it is important to ensure you consider lighting as an integral part of the planning process.

Too often we see this part left to the electrician and the results are often disappointing. Despite electricians being qualified to install the lights they may not be qualified to advise on lighting.

We offer a full end to end process;

  • During the design stage contact us and arrange a no obligation consulatation
  • We will explain about both LED lighting and ECO1 Smart Home, the fully integrated smart lighting and home automation system. We will also discuss what you would like to achieve by way of lighting and automation.
  • Once you have decided on the design of your home you can either have your architect draw up a lighting plan or email us your plans and we will do this for you.
  • We will provide a solution based on your desires and a quote. Together we will review this and reach a solution that is both desirable and affordble.
  • Upon acceptance of our proposal we will arrange to have the products delivered to an agreed location
  • Instructions and technical support will be provided to your electrician to ensure he is able to install your products correctly.