New Zealand Ecobulb LED 'Lighting Assessment & Downlight' Testimonials

“Very happy with decision to put lights in. Will continue to recommend us to friends and family” - Mr. & Mrs. P – Haywood Rise, Owhata. Bay Of Plenty. 

“Very happy with them and recognizes their value. Has recommended us to people/given out 0800 number and will continue to do so” - Mr. & Mrs. A – Mokoia Drive, Tihiotonga. Bay Of Plenty. 

“Extremely happy with them. Made home like a whole new house. Can see the difference” - Mr. & Mrs. S – Hemans Street, Leamington. Cambridge. 

“Everything went very well and working great. Very satisfied. Will give our number out, happily” - Mr. & Mrs. W – Vaughan Road, Owhata. Bay Of Plenty. 

“All going well. So much better than the old lights in the way they look and light output” - Mrs. S – Thomas Road, Huntington. Hamilton. 

“Everything Good. Power bill gone down, Warmer Rooms. Very happy” - Mr. & Mrs. V – Carrington Drive, Papamoa Beach. Tauranga 

“Very Happy with lights, appreciates Customer Care calls. Everyone was just great.” - Mr. B – Westchest Drive, Churton Park. Wellington. 

“Really likes lights, everything Good. Electricians great. Has recommended us to a friend, with plenty down lights.” - Mr. B – Carmana Gardens, Rangiora. Christchurch. 

“Absolutely loves them and has noticed power savings. Is 87 Years old and was happy when told if any problems occur we would look after it, although none have” - Mrs. C – Therese Street, Spreydon. Christchurch. 

“Very happy with lights doing what they were told they would. Used to feel Draughts through old lights” - Mr. & Mrs. W – West Belt, Papanui. Christchurch 

“Perfectly presented, well mannered and very professional” - Mrs. H - Kirk Road, Templeton. Christchurch. 

“No Problems, Very Happy. Has been telling all her friends they should get them” - Mrs. M – Ashmore lane, Strowan. Christchurch 

“Everything goes well, very happy with the Energy Mad product” - Mrs. S – Harris Crescent, Papanui. Christchurch. 

“Everything is fine with lights. Very happy with them, Algood with assessor and installer” - Mr. R – Monash Place, Flat Bush. Auckland 

“We just love the lights, Assessor very good and electricians excellent: Careful with furniture and put cloths down everywhere. Will certainly recommend us" - Mr. & Mrs. N – Banshire Close, Flat Bush. Auckland 

“Very happy. All good. Assessor and Installer very good. Will give our number to any who might be interested - Mr. F – Cullimore Street, Pukete. Auckland

“Everything very good with lights, Thank you” - Mr. V – Peter Terrace, Castor Bay. Auckland

“Everything Great. Very Happy, Installers excellent job. Will certainly give our number to anyone who shows interest” - Mr. T – Saint Maroun Rise, the Gardens. Auckland.