Smoke Alarm Testing Canterbury

Smoke Alarm Testing is our newly launched service that is available to both homeowners and landlords in Canterbury.

Many homeowners have smoke alarms that 

  • are faulty or
  • have missing batteries or
  • are more than 10 years old or
  • are nuisance alarms that false alarm regularly or
  • can't be heard throughout the home 

or not enough alarms to keep your property and occupants safe. In addition, many occupants find it difficult to test their alarms on a regular basis or just forget!!!

Our service includes the following:-

  • review of your current smoke alarm placement
  • check age of existing smoke alarms to ensure they meet current regulations
  • test of existing smoke alarms
  • clean of existing smoke alarms
  • sound check of existing smoke alarms
  • battery replacement (additional costs apply)

We also provide you the opportunity to view the latest in smoke alarm technology that include mains powered interconnected units that you can test without standing on a ladder.